Villa Orlando
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Salvatore Orlando bought the Villa in 1896 for his family and to entertain his guests. He carried out a series of improvements to the garden, planted a large pinewood and laid down the main alley.

He built the crenellated stone wall with the moat to surround the property and an imposing complex as porter’s lodge. A bridge over the moat led to the Villa through a cross vaulted hall. During WWII the Villa suffered a few minor damages, but the tower at the entrance was partially destroyed.

The boat house was designed with a tower to match the Villa and to offer a beautiful view over the lake. Inside you could find a paddle boat to steam across the canals, a genuine gondola and a small fleet of barchini, the small flat-bottom boats used to take the shooting parties to their hides in the marsh. On the large belvedere roof-deck over the boat house the guests returning from shooting were served refreshments.

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