The Garden

The park surrounding Villa Orlando extends for over ten acres and is walled by crenelated ramparts. The plan is the original one designed by Salvatore Orlando when, at the end of the nineteenth century, bought the property.

The park is crossed by three alleyways that run parallel throughout its extension.

The first one is the monumental access alleyway, flanked by plane trees, palm trees and roses; the central alleyways, with bald cypresses, crosses the wooded part of the park;

the third one, runs along the West wall all the way from one of the turrets to the vegetable garden, is flanked by lindens.

The most impressive part of the park, however, is the lakefront, which runs from the boat house to the elaborate wrought iron grill to the South of the property. The large lake-side lawn is interrupted by centuries-old trees (pines, oaks, holm oaks and palm trees).


Viale Puccini 252 -
55049 Torre del Lago (LU) - ITALIA