The Orlando Family

The Orlando family rose to a prominent position in politics and business between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and became famous for its dominant role in the naval, metallurgical and metalworking industries.

Originally from Sicily, Luigi Orlando (1814 - 1898) and his brothers moved to Genoa in 1849 and had a prominent part with Garibaldi and Crispi in the history of the Risorgimento and in the expedition of the Thousands.

In the Livorno Shipyard established by them, they built warships and submarines for the Italian and foreign Navies. In the following years they expanded to other sectors of the Metallurgical Industry, with plants and foundries in Italy and abroad.

In the following generation, Salvatore Orlando (1856 - 1926) achieved international distinction as a naval architect, obtaining prizes and awards from prestigious institutions around the world. Among other projects, he designed the high speed torpedo boats successfully used during the First World War against the Austro-Hungarian Navy. The one used by Gabriele D’Annunzio is exhibited at the Vittoriale. He also had a remarkable political career, he was member of the Lower House and later of the Senate, he took part in the I World War Cabinet as Navy Secretary of the and in the 1919 Paris negotiations of the Treaty of Versailles.

Among his children, Salvatore (1902 - 1981), inspired by his personal acquaintance with Giacomo Puccini, followed a different path and studied music. As a composer and music critic, he wrote operas, symphonic and chamber music and soundtracks. The new generations of the family are extremely active in the most diverse fields, from Industry to Construction, from Finance to Politics, from Aviation to Cinema and Art.

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