Inside Villa Orlando

Inside the Villa, Salvatore Orlando created the new dining room with hand-carved neo-Renaissance wood panels. The vault, by Guglielmo Micheli, is decorated with grotesques and medallions representing Cruisers and Battle Ships built in the Orlando Shipyards. From the walls hang some beautiful still life paintings. Salvatore enlarged the entrance and the stairs.

In the East Drawing Room, the fresco by Francesco Fanelli A Flock of Mallards is a tribute to the surrounding nature. Over the years Salvatore put together a collection of furniture, paintings, prints and art objects, mainly of hunting subject, still intact.

Each year, in the autumn, Salvatore invited acquaintances and friends to shoot in the wood and in the marshes. There was abundance of game: ducks, pheasants, but also hares, fallow deer and wild boars. Upon returning, the game was cooked in the still preserved large kitchen of the Villa by a small army of staff and served, through a secret passage in the wall, to the guests in the Dining Room.


Viale Puccini 252 -
55049 Torre del Lago (LU) - ITALIA